A Rue Amandine experience is: Custom-made, upscale, gourmet, arty, trendy, authentic, fun, cultural, surprising, unique. It's also a meeting, it's an emotion, a moment of strength and comfort.



A “Rue”, a street, is a place where we walk, where we observe, where we discover, where we get inspired.

A street is a place of sharing, of meeting, of exchanging, of spontaneity, of surprises, and of emotions.

A street is a place of simplicity, proximity, curiosity. A street is a place of art de vivre, creation and invention, a place of perpetual movement. A street is not a boulevard, it’s not a highway, but a place that’s human-sized, intimate, easily accessible. It is a place where exchanges can be, at the same time, rich and simple, exclusive and welcoming.

It is on our street, Rue Amandine, that we invite you to join us. To unwind, to discover memorable and meaningful experiences, to uncover unusual places... and to imagine the powerful stories around your brand or trip.


Some of our exclusive “experiencers”