They (re)experienced Paris with Rue Amandine

Amandine works magic - even if this is your 20th visit to Paris, she has an insider’s knowledge that ensures you have a unique, personal, and very up-to-the minute Parisien experience. After only five days in Paris, we started to believe that there isn’t anyone Amandine doesn’t know! A rue Amandine experience is never commercial, never contrived. We felt like we had old friends in Paris who cared about how we spent our days and nights
— John and Amanda
Hats off to them for creating a personal, unique, and much-needed service and may their business continue to flourish. This is a business created out of love for Paris and a passion for others and it shows. I will urge all my friends to use Rue Amandine!
— Charlotte
They are excellent in balancing traditional TOURIST activities with leisurely parisian pursuits in such a way that you don’t feel overwhelmed. If you want a truly remarkable parisian-french experience, treat yourself to the truly superb, graceful and fabulous service provided by the rue amandine Team.T
— Wolf MD Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.USA
Rue Amandine is not a travel agent, not an event planner, not a caterer, not a tour organiser. She is a dear friend – big-hearted, super-chic, and unflappable – who cares deeply about her city and wants you to experience it as only a Parisian can. If only every city had a Rue Amandine!
— India & Peter Baird- Americans living in South Africa
We will continue to rave and recommend rue Amandine because we found it to be an invaluable tool to truly immersing in a neighborhood/city and having a unique and quite wonderful Parisian experience
— Ethel and Jack, London
I am honored to recommend RUE AMANDINE for ANYONE who wishes to have one of the most FABULOUS EXPERIENCES possible. My family and I have traveled extensively throughout the USA, CANADA and LONDON. PARIS was our second EUROPEAN trip to celebrate my daughters graduations. I normally plan all our trips and have extensive experience in seeking out the best ideas and values for our travels. I first read about RUE AMANDINE in a travel article in USA TODAY. Intrigued, I emailed them for more information. They PROMPTLY responded. This initial inquiry put in motion communicating with them intermittently for over 2+ years. When we were finally able to schedule our trip. Amandine was UNBELIEVABLE in setting up our lodging selections (we had very specific needs) along with their usual excellent ROADMAP. However, we wanted a more intimate and local experience as PARIS is truly one of the great Cities of the world. She helped set up several special events, which included passes to the top of the Eiffel Tower, along with private guided tours of the Louvre and Montmartre District.However, the crowning achievement and highlight of our journey, was our private guided tour to VERSAILLES.. In one word INCREDIBLE. Without RUE AMANDINE’s assistance we could have easily not MAXIMIZED our time there. They set up a COMPLETE EXPERIENCE. They are EXCELLENT in BALANCING traditional TOURIST ACTIVITIES with leisurely PARISIAN PURSUITS in such a way that you don’t feel overwhelmed. In closing, if you want a TRULY REMARKABLE PARISIAN-FRENCH experience, TREAT YOURSELF to the TRULY SUPERB, GRACEFUL and FABULOUS SERVICES provided by the RUE AMANDINE TEAM.
— T Wolf MD Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.USA
Our stay in Paris was made extra special by using Rue Amandine. The apartment we lived in made us feel like true Parisians in a fantastic neighborhood. Rue Amandine provided us with a roadblock to navigate our top wish lists, and from there were were able to expand our explorations. We didn’t feel like we had to do every recommendation and instead were able to use the book as a guideline to the city. The pre booked tickets Rue Amandine was able to get us were fabulous, and I loved that Isabelle greeted us at the apartment and gave us a mini tour of our neighborhood. It made us feel welcome and allowed us to get our bearings for the week. I would absolutely use and recommend Rue Amandine for anyone who wants to see Paris through the eyes of seasoned Parisians. You can take as much help as you need or branch off and explore on your own as we did. No matter how you do it Paris is amazing, but it is a treat to discover it with Rue Amandine.
— Natasha, USA
We had a lovely week in Paris and got to see its charms through the eyes of people who really love their city. Everything we needed at the time we needed them were taken care of promptly by Amandine and her team so we were happy little campers. We didn’t feel like mere clients, but more like friends. We loved everything… the good, the mishaps, the food (!), and most of all, the French people. Rue Amandine is like your hip, Parisian friend who has the inside pass to the city and who makes sure you have a great time on her watch. Thank you so much for taking care of us during our stay there. It was heartwarming and magical. You all made us feel at home.
— Henzie, Hayley and Sally- Philippines
Que c’était bon, que c’était agréable... il nous reste les saveurs, les odeurs et les images pour revivre ce beau moment. Nous avons passé un week end magique, tout était prévu pour nous, rien que pour nous. Le choix des restaurants était parfait. Des moments de partage, de gourmandise et de spectacle aussi. Le choix des endroits répondait totalement à nos attentes ... alors que dire d’autres.... Il faut absolument tester ce service. Le must de belles rencontres... Isabelle, Christophe, Sue... quelle équipe! Bravo à vous et bonne continuation euh... au fait nous reviendrons... alors préparez vous à nous surprendre encore!”
— Soaz - Herbignac, France
How does a couple who got married on the Brooklyn Bridge celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary? They call the extraordinary team of Amandine at Rue Amandine. We had decided to throw a party for our friends in another iconic city, Paris. We had our sights set on some unexpected venues, but as we now live on the far tip of Africa, in Cape Town, we needed some help planning the perfect event. Time to ring Amandine! Two years ago team Rue Amandine became our new best friends when they helped us coordinate the celebrations for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary in Paris. We knew Amandine could handle the challenge. We were not disappointed. In fact, we were overwhelmed by the care, the joy, and the professionalism she and her gorgeous team of Isabelle and Sue dedicated to making our long weekend spectacular. Amandine is a magician – she secured seemingly impossible locations for cocktails, dinner , lunch and dancing. But most impressive was her ability to manage the expectations of 30 of our closest friends, who arrived in Paris from around the globe to join in the fun. She secured taxis, apartments, hotel reservations, dinner reservations, museum passes, babysitters, art historians, and much more, in addition to planning the most wonderful series of parties – and made it all look effortless.The task was not an easy one – we began working with Rue Amandine in October, six months in advance, and the invite list kept changing up until the very last week, with people confirming, canceling, and even re-booking. Yet nothing seemed to ruffle Amandine’s feathers. Truly, if you want to feel like a Paris insider, call Rue Amandine. Most people wouldn’t even consider having a cocktail party in a taxidermist shop, much less organise a photo session as well. But Amandine embraced the idea, somehow persuaded the owner to allow it (he told me that Louis Vuitton and Woody Allen are the only people he has allowed to use the shop in the past.), and set up a stunning champagne bar. It was exactly as we envisioned it – when our guests arrived they realized that this was not going to be an ordinary weekend. It was the ideal way to begin the next 20 years of marriage. We won’t wait that long to call upon Amandine again. Very rarely, you meet someone who is masterful at all things, who gathers around her exceptional people, and who is not afraid to accept any challenge. Rue Amandine is not a travel agent, not an event planner, not a caterer, not a tour organiser. She is a dear friend – big-hearted, super-chic, and unflappable – who cares deeply about her city and wants you to experience it as only a Parisian can. If only every city had a Rue Amandine!
— India & Peter Baird- Americans living in South Africa
My experience with Rue Amandine was wonderful. Amandine planned everything. The Roadbook helped guide me and my family along the trip and it gave a real Parisian’s perspective on what / what not to see. This is something a regular tourist brochure would not be able to do. I also felt welcome by Amandine and all of the staff. I loved living in one of Paris’s oldest neighborhoods with rich history and many art galleries/ boutiques. I would recommend Rue Amandine to any family who is looking to stay in the heart of Paris for a good price and have the experience of a life-time.
— Robert and his family- USA
We feel so fortunate that we found Rue Amandine for our Paris experience. We were greeted by Isabelle who not only went through our road book with us, but she had stocked the kitchen with basics that made us feel right at home. Our apartment was perfect! Great location, close to metro, restaurants and shopping. The pre-arranged 3 tours were wonderful, particularly our private tour of The Louvre with Estelle. She was so well informed and maximized our time by focusing on the most important areas, based on our interests. Our tour of Montmartre with Christophe was also a highlight. His historical perspective as we walked though the area was informative and humorous. We still talk about that tour! Our dinner reservations were perfect for our short visit. We had an amazing time and would recommend Rue Amandine to anyone who wants to have a perfect visit tailored just for them!
— Vicky and Christy- Miami, USA
This was our first time in Paris. We are from the USA and only speak English unfortunately. We have travelled widely in Europe but never to France because of the perceived language barrier. Rue Amandine made it comfortable for us. They took away the intimidation factor and made it seem friendly and doable. The apartment was great. Loved the location. Rode the subway all over the city without trouble. Loved the “book” they worked up for us. We were met at the train station and then met at the apartment. They got us comfortable and then left us to do Paris as we had planned. The BEST part is with Rue Amandine, you have a friend in Paris that you can call with questions, help, suggestions, whatever. For us, that was worth the price by itself. We had a wonderful time thanks to you. And by the way, the French are lovely, friendly, helpful and will speak English without hesitation. Thanks again. Merci beaucoup
— Bryan and Susan, USA