Picasso-Calder : Void's beauty

First day, we were there! On this Feb 19th, we decided to enjoy the spring-like sun and walk the few blocks that separate our office from charming Musée Picasso.

We had booked our tickets, but to be honest we didn’t really need to (not yet at least): such a privilege to have the pleasure to see the exhibition without the crowd.

Calder-Picasso, Picasso-Calder. Two genius whom, from what we learn throughout the exhibition have hardly known each others. Just met a couple of time. They surely admire each other, but kept a distance.

However, the dialogue between the two artists fully makes sens in l’Hotel de Salé (the XVIIth century Private Mansion hosting Picasso Museum). the way they work with shapes, volumes, and mostly, the way they create void. Majestuous Calder’s mobiles, light as features, apparently so simple and yet so precise. Facing them, Picasso’s paintings, with these same shapes and voids, creating a fascinating dialogue. .

The sunlight makes it even more magic.

Outside, in the beuatiful Museum‘s garden, right at the center of Le Marais, some people just relax, enjoying this special moment when you have the feeling to be at the right place at the right time.

Spring is coming soon… #parisjetaime.

Calder Picasso, Until August 25th 2019 in Musée Picasso, rue de Thorigny. 75003