Hidden bars and restaurants in Paris

Want to change from the little bistro around the corner? Follow us to the most hidden places in the Capital and let yourself be guided by the desire for the unknown.

In a pretty paved courtyard….

La petite maison dans la cour


After going to see Henry Wessel's exhibition at the Maison européenne de la photographie, after a crazy shopping sesssion in the Marais or, to spot your new vintage vase at one of the second-hand shops in the village of Saint Paul... the happiness is to sit at one of the 5 small terrace tables of the "petit resto du Village": -) Tranquillity, quality and homemade cuisine in this small paved courtyard. Enjoy!

Le Bistrot des Dames 

le bistrot des dames.jpg

Although “Dames” means Ladies… I reassure you : men are also admitted ;-) 

From the Bistrot des Dames, we know the restaurant overlooking the street, which, more than 10 years ago (15?...20?...I’m loosing track! ) participated in the renewal of the Batignolles district. But we know less about its small courtyard hidden behind the trendy and Mediterranean kitchen. Intimate atmosphere in the open air, ideal for the arrival of sunny days (yes, they will arrive, I promise!) 

Le Jardin Secret 


We have a wonderful address from Bontemps to give you, and yes you are spoiled ;-) Nestled in the trendy bobo district of NOMA (North Marais, if you please), it's much more than a sweet and salty break that awaits you, it's a « unique » moment. Do you want a lemon cake? Well, the best in Paris are bakes just here! Delicate, refined dishes of such beauty that you would almost want to leave them uneaten, but you are too greedy to do without them... ;-) So let’s book, Ready? Go!

La Guinguette d’Angèle 


After having gone mad with excitement in the superb flagship store "Bonpoint", a surprise awaits you downstairs: "La Guinguette d'Angèle" which hides there, in the charming paved and flowered courtyard : -)  Already at the head of two restaurants and two books, Angèle Ferreux-Maeght is a true creator of healthy, gourmet and organic small dishes. Take a break for lunch or a snack served in flowery porcelain. So go to Rue de Tournon, a stone's throw from the Luxembourg Garden.


Behind a hidden door 

Le Ballroom

Capture d’écran 2019-06-14 à 17.58.12.png

After a movie or a good dinner in the neighborhood, be curious to push this big black door and go down the stairs. Famous for being one the best "speak easy" in Paris, this place is the realm of mixology in a cosy atmosphere. A secret address that still has its regulars, so be careful with your arrival time because there won’t be room for everyone ;-) 

Little Red Door


Arrived in front of this little red door (you have to find it firsty ;-)) we remain puzzled. What's behind it? Alice's imaginary world in Wonderland? Then let's go in and find out. But don't let yourself be trapped, the entrance is through a hidden door on the side ;-) Inside you will find a sharp choice of original cocktails.

2 concept in 1 place



Hidden behind the doors of a pizzeria's cold room, this bar has the particularity of being well placed ;-) Sit down for dinner and then sip a cocktail (or vice versa). 2 rooms 2 atmospheres! The pizzeria in the colors of Italy in the simplicity of the local bistro and the New York atmosphere bar "prohibition ».



At first glance, this small Latino snack bar doesn't look like much... but once you enter it is a trendy bar hidden at the back of the kitchen that you will find! Escape into a Latin atmosphere with the scent of tacos, accompanied by the freshness of the marguarita! Listo para la fiesta? 



A Parisian butcher shop, nothing more banal at first sight... What if I told you that a restaurant is hiding there just in the back? And yes! Vegetarian dishes are served with love!  ( I'm kidding for sure ;-)). Come in, choose your meat and have it prepared. It is the concept of this butcher shop/restaurant that allows you to see and choose what to eat. All you have to do is put your feet under the table and it's done.

So, Bon appétit!