Longchamp Paris Premier Press Tour

Beginning of 2016, we were contacted by the prestigious Parisian Brand Longchamp. They entrusted us with the organization of their Press Trips in June and July 2016, for the launch of their new leather goods line named ‘Paris Premier’. Two sessions were planned in June and July 2016, each of them lasting 3 days and hosting 10 key journalists from all over the world (Japan, China, Russia, Korea, Italy Germany Spain…)

This is how we designed and developed the ...

'Longchamp Paris Premier Press Tour, unique getaway at the heart of French Art de vivre'...

  • A unique getaway at the heart of Paris Premier arrondissement.

  • A journey into the brand’s values: tradition, family, know-how, creativity, modernity.

  • An enchanted immersion into the French Art de Vivre

  • An experience built on a sensory awakening, elegance and sophistication, in a warm and intimate atmosphere

The Paris Premier Press Tour revolves around a succession of unique and exclusive Parisian experiences, expressing the Brand’s core values and universe. Journalists as well as Top Directors and Managers are attending : there is a lot at stake!

Our mission includes the overall creation of the event, its organization, sourcing of locations and special services (hotels, guides, interpreters, caterers, photographers, etc.), coordinating with the company’s internal departments as well as the PR managers from each country, the conception and edition of the Paris Premier Roadbook, the greeting of the journalists and all the logistics regarding their stay.

We took great care in offering these journalists a unique and memorable experience. The feedback we received from them confirmed that we achieved this goal which was to seduce and surprise them (an ambitious challenge considering the keen audience) and most of all, to communicate the brand’s values and identity.

We invite you to discover those extraordinary 72 hours through the beautiful picture gallery of photographer Charlotte Bommelaer, who covered the whole event.


“A faultless performance”

We are proud to share with you the feedback we got from our client, Laure Le Caïnec, Head of Institutional Communication at Longchamp :

(see translation below) “Rue Amandine nous a permis de faire vivre une expérience de Paris unique et sur-mesure à notre cible presse internationale VIP.  L’opération de relations presse était pour la Maison l’occasion de transmettre ses valeurs de marque contemporaine alliées à son savoir-faire et son sens du détail, au coeur de Paris. Rue Amandine a su faire totalement sienne cette ambition et répondre en tout point de façon haut de gamme à nos besoins avec professionnalisme et réactivité, un sans faute!"

"Rue Amandine enabled us to offer to our VIP international Press target a unique and bespoke Paris experience. This press event was for la Maison Longchamp an opportunity to share our values of a contemporary brand, but also its know-how and its sense of detail, at the heart of Paris. Rue Amandine knew how to take this ambition over, and answered all of our needs with top of the range services, professionalism and reactivity. A faultless performance! ”


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