Montmartre escape for VIP Clients!

How can we surprise pure Parisian invited for a special evening by their business partner? Rendez-vous right next to the office, place Clichy, to climb on board of a mini-train. Under comfy blankets, the guests can enjoy the mysterious atmosphere of Montmartre at night... After a short drive they arrive in front of the cute Musée de Montmartre which is open for them only, bienvenus!

The guests discover the two lovelies houses typical from Montmartre village as well as the bucolic garden, you fell like being back in the countryside in the XIX° century! The guide recall the singularity of this village which has been included in Paris only in 1860. This part of the city kept since then a strong independent character.

The visit continues inside with a great exhibition dedicated to Montmartre as a movie set. Moulin Rouge, An American in Paris, Amelie, Midnight in Paris... The special atmosphere of Montmartre has inspired filmmakers from around the world :-)

After the visit, it is time to savor the unique Parisian wine, le vin de Montmartre, with the little vineyard at the corner of the street. Threatened with destruction, the vines were saved in 1933 by the inhabitants of Montmartre and since then, a wine is produced every year, an unique Parisian cru!

A last tour on the mini train to admire the beautiful houses of Avenue Junot before arriving at the nice bar privatized for the evening. Around a few glasses of champagne, the partner has presented the 2018 schedule, it is important to share an exclusive moment with its partners and wish them happy holidays


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