Easter in Paris… Yummy!

The time for Easter chocolates has come... Decoration and personalization of your eggs, chase races, family moments, and especially great moments of delicacy will begin this Sunday, April 21. 

For chocolate lovers, this day is yours! But not only: whether you like chocolate or not, whether you're young or old, in Paris, there's plenty to enjoy. 

For the little ones

Pâques à l'aquarium de Paris.jpg

It is at the Aquarium de Paris, that children will be able to spend their energy looking for Easter eggs in an atypical way. Hunting Easter eggs is fun, but hunting Easter eggs while living with fish is even more fun! And that's not all : in addition to the 500 chocolate eggs to find on the course, children will be able to learn on the reproduction of real fish eggs thanks to an educational book. Having fun while learning: a perfectly successful day! 


Being able to hunt eggs with your head in the clouds is now possible! With the "Easter Garden" event, it is at the top of the Montparnasse tower that budding hunters will be able to taste the famous chocolates signed "Chocolat des Français" through the vegetable labyrinth. Enjoy the terrace and this unique view while hunting eggs: it's a first! Be quick, there won't be enough for everyone! 


If you want to play the solidarity card, as every year, it is at André Citroen Park that thanks to your entrance ticket, 2 meals will be distributed to the most deprived. An activity that once again makes it possible to collect these small chocolate delicacies in the form of a beautiful initiative. Isn't life beautiful?

For the older ones


What about the adults? They are also entitled to their chocolate moment. To concoct little sweets and leave with your chocolate creations, go to the Edwart workshop. This chocolate maker allows you to attend private or group workshops in order to make you the master of this special day. To your hats, get set, go! 


Realizing is good, eating is even better! Gourmets and gourmands, this address is made for you: the chefs at the "Hotel du collectionneur" will reserve you a brunch and a paschal dinner. This time you won't have to look for it, the eggs will be brought directly to you!

And what about our French “Chocolatiers” ?

The sumptuous chocolate factories of Paris, have put on their most beautiful clothes to create their own interpretations of Easter Eggs, all more beautiful than the others. 

oeuf en chocolat Alain Ducasse.png

The Easter must-see: "L'Oeuf bonbonnière de voyage » of Alain Ducasse, allows you to participate in the finishing of the product. Assemble and enjoy! A little something extra for those who would like to travel out of town: its case allows it to be portable and to travel easily. We just love it!

oeuf Jean-Paul Hevin.png

In an holiday mood? That's good news! Because Jean-Paul Hevin has also decided to make you travel. His creation "Oeuf en chocolat Airport " is a unique creation that will make you melt with pleasure. Ready to board? 


Some eggs are smarter this year! Not to be found, they decided to go out in masks! Don't panic, it's in the chocolate factory "Lenôtre" that these little jokers hide. You will recognize them easily, with their animal masks. So cute!

Oeuf du Bristol.jpg

Let’s end with the little Parisian treasure: "L'Oeuf du Bristol". A true work of visual and gustatory art by Julien Alvarez. A dish so delicate that you would almost feel guilty about touching it. To taste this little gem, take the time to book at Café Antonia.

It's up to you to play, you now have all the cards in hand to have an unforgettable Easter holiday! 

Happy Easter to all! 

  • L’Aquarium de Paris : Only Sunday, April 21, 2019, 5 Avenue Albert de Mun, 75016 Paris. Free ticket for children under 3 years old, 13€ for children, 16€ for reduced rates and 20, 50€ for adults.