Arty night #2 for l'Oréal

How shall L’Oréal “New Comers” get to better know each others in a fun and casual way, after two days of “DISCOVERY” acculturation workshop? How to get their attention? Entertain them? Surprise them?

How to communicate L’Oréal’s brands values, such as Beauty and création?

For this second Discovery night organized by Rue Amandine, let’s meet in another well hidden Parisian place : Ground control Champs Elysées. An arty Pop up restaurant/ coffee/ art Gallery that one would never suspect to be on the Champs Elysées. The participants did become real street artists and design a collective fresco under the talentful guidance of street artist ZDEY

After a couple of hours of enthusiastic and unbridled creativity and the last touch of ZDEY, the DISCOVERY fresco came to life: a magnificent art of work or I’d rather say 50 arts of work as the participants, after proudly admiring their collective work, had the great surprise of taking back with them part of their artistic work.

Will that awaken vocations? Well… Zdey confessed to us that no longer than 5 years ago, he was working in fusion-acquisition for a big French Company. But of course, l’Oréal Talents are meant to stay at l’Oréal! :-)

See below the video of this artistic night.