Arty night for l'Oréal

How shall L’Oréal “New Comers” get to better know each others in a fun and casual way, after two days of “DISCOVERY” acculturation workshop? How to get their attention? Entertain them? Surprize them?

How to communicate L’Oréal’s brands values, such as Beauty and création?

Let’s meet them for an Underground experience in one of the most unsual place in Paris : Ground control, a place dedicated to street culture (musique, art, food …). The participants did become real street artists and design a collective fresco under the talentful guidance of street artist LEK.

After a couple of hours of enthousiastic and unbridled creativity and the last touch of LEK, a magnificient art of work came to life: the DISCOVERY fresco, ready to complete L’Oreal art Collection :-)