Vasarely, sharing forms

I was lucky to attend this morning the pre-opening of amazing Vasarely exhibition at Centre Georges Pompidou. This cold early morning visit has been quickly warmed by blowing shapes, colors, perspectives and cinetic effects throughout the path of the exhibition.

The first major French retrospective of the artist gathers an impressive bunch of work, objets, sculptures that enable us to better understand Vasarely’s artistic path and what we better know about him and his work.

Waves, vibrations, geometric abstractions, curves, circles, rhombus, black & white, flashy colors, we are captivated, lose our balance, we are dazzled, intrigued by these 2D works which 3B we would like to bypass.

I now would love to take my 5 and 7 yo daughters who will for sure love this extremely visual and playful exhibition.

From feb 6th to May 6th 2019. The 3 month- count-down has started! Time to visit Paris!

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