Proposal in Paris: a surprise for Jayne!

Coming from Brooklyn or even from Belleville (Paris 20), the historical Paris will always be synonym of beauty, love, passion!It is the perfect place to finally propose your partner, to get married, or to come for your honeymoon!

To accomplish the first step and ask your beloved if she/he will be lucky enough to share the rest of his/her life with you, don't run at the Eiffel Tower... If you have to wait in a long line and reach the top of the tower to scream on a windy day in front of 3,000 other visitors "Will you marry me"? You might have a "what did you say?" or "no" for an answer :-) Coming all the way to Paris, you need to have a Parisian to plan it all for you : no stress, Rue Amandine will manage!

Neal came with Jayne during the holidays and he made us prepare this special trip to Paris in secret. When we asked Neal about his girlfriend's tastes, he mentioned her passion for breakdance... challenging! We planned everything for the big day and Jayne and Neal eventually arrived in their lovely apartment at the heart of Paris. It was just like meeting two friends arriving from New York City. Jayne was so happy just to be in Paris, it was her very first time here!



And comes the big day : The next morning they visited le Louvre with priority access tickets. After that, they were suppose to take the boat for a cruise on the river. For that they had to head on the Pont Neuf. But on their way a group of 3 break dancers were performing on the bridge. Neal and Jayne came closer to watch them. Imagine... Blue sky, Beautiful bridge on the river Seine, dancers performing on Happy... At the end of the show... SURPRISE!... the dancers exhibited a banner for Jayne ("N&J 2019", a private joke from Neal), who suddenly realized that this all show that everybody on the bridge was watching, had been planned only for her :-)

Our photographer Anne-Cécile was there to make a video of this unique performance:

And they then went for a photo session through Paris for precious souvenirs.

Proposal in Paris 2

Proposal in Paris 2

We are so happy that our little conspiration worked perfectly and that Jayne said "Oui". Her love story will always have a French taste from now on, and we hope that they will be back soon for their honeymoon!

To see Jayne and Neal review of their stay, click here. Feel like proposing in Paris? Contact us, we will make it unique for you (we are now preparing a scevenger for another proposal at the end of January. Can't wait to tell you about it!)

Special thanks to the amazing Break dancers of

Break dance Crew