Love from Paris


Dear all, First of all let us thank you for the warm messages we've received within the last couple of days from you all, from all over the world. These are very important to us.

This morning we wake up from a serious "hangover".  We wish that none of this all happenned...

BUT we are more determined than ever to keep on living our lives that these fanatics hate so much. We are more determined than ever to go to concerts, to sit at a terrasse for a glass of wine, to dress as we want, to have our believes (or disbelieves!), to take our kids to parcs and museums.... To enjoy Parisian life!

And most of all we are more willing than ever to share the love of our City with people from all over the world.

Paris is getting back on its feet: bars are open, and yesterday, the Canal Saint Martin was crowded with families enjoying life.The Eiffel Tower is enlightened again and Museums and public places opened to visitors.

So let's show "them" that they won't win, will never win, how ever badly they hurt us. Let's LIVE!

We love you all and... VIVE PARIS!