What's Up in Paris This Summer?

Paris in the summer is a beautiful experience. It's a time full of surprises and small moments of joie de vivre everywhere you look. From impromptu salsa on the Seine to dog walking in the park to playing a leisurely game of pétanque, the city of light and her people take it easy and enjoy the weather.  We have compiled a small trusty list of must-dos in Paris during the season to truly capture the essence of the city.

1) Be the Captain of the Canal

 Canal Saint-Martin has an electric atmosphere during the summer months in Paris. In the evenings, flocks of people settle down next to the water and enjoy an Apero while taking in the sunshine. However, there is an even better way to enjoy the Canal during this time... Taking one of the adorable electric boats out for a ride. You might be thinking “I don’t know the first thing about driving a boat” but luckily you don’t need a permit to be a captain of one of the many Marin D’eau Douce boats. Pack a picnic and float along the Canal without a worry in the world. Except where your next meal might be. We suggest a snack or cocktail at the wonderfully eccentric Pavillon des Canaux nearby.

2) Spend a Day at Ground Control

Clear your schedule for a day if you head to Ground Control. A co-operative which calls itself “free and curious” and offers a slice of happiness to everyone. Think yoga workshops, art exhibitions, a bar in an airplane cabin and food trucks serving the likes of scrumptious hand-made pasta. It even has its very own radio station! Ground Control is the place to be this summer. Come and be part of this warm community.

3) Watch a Film at Parc Villette

A resident summertime favourite, the open air cinema in the Park Villette is back. Every year the line-up is eclectic and guided by a different theme. This year it will be “Let’s Sing” and the program is a great mixture of French and foreign films that guarantee to get you grooving. You can expect recent hits such as La La Land and Searching for Sugar Man as well as the French classics such as Jean-Luc Godard’s Pierrot le Fou. Pack your own picnic basket, sit back and enjoy the show. See the schedule here.

4) Visit the Subodh Gupta Exhibition 

 Acclaimed contemporary artist, Subodh Gupta, was given carte blanche for an exhibition at the Monnaie de Paris. He has unveiled 30 works as well as presented 2 works in situ for his Adda/Rendez-vous exhibition  His work consists of repurposing quotidian items used throughout India. In addition to this exciting collaboration, the narrative continues with an exploration of India and various metals used throughout its history. Prepare to be astounded by the creativity one can conceive using items we use every day. The modern artworks are a fascinating contrast with the grandeur of the 18th-century decor. On your way out, stop by the charming Café Frappé for a mouth-watering slice of fresh homemade cake.

5) Experience the Atmosphere at Station F

To experience a melting pot like no other, head over to Station F to get clued up about the thriving startup world. All the up and coming enterprises have spaces here where they innovate and create. You can take tours of the collaborative spaces and feel like you're in the future.  On top of that, the Big Mamma group has opened up a thriving food hall called La Felicità  which boasts a fabulous selection of all things delicious and affordable. Head on over for an inspiring experience.

6) Settle Down at Paris Plage

Paris is the best city in the world, obviously. However, there is one thing missing: the seaside. Mais tant pis! For a few months, from 07 July 2018 to 02 September 2018, the banks of the Seine become a beachy playground where you can lay back and catch a tan and pretend you are by the Mediterranean. There is even a dedicated swimming area at the Bassin de Villette to cool you off. Keep a costume in your bag, you never know when you might have a free moment to catch the rays!

Marin D'eau Douce

: Mon-Sun: 9H30 - 22H. 37 Quai de la Seine, 75019

Pavillon des Canaux

: Mon-Sun: 10h00 - late. 39 Quai de la Loire, 75019

Ground Control

: Wed-Sun: 11h - late. 81 rue du Charolais, 75012

Subodh Gupta Exhibition

: At Monnaie de Paris until August 26 2018

Café Frappé:

At Monnaie de Paris Tues-Sun: 9h00 - 19h00 

Station F

: Tours in english Tues, Thurs: 11:30 - 12:30